month: August 2010

Having fun with time lapse photography

Lately I’ve been having fun shooting some time lapse photography. For those who are not familiar with the technique, you set a camera on a tripod and take numerous pictures of a scene over a period of time, then create a movie from the individual frames. A movie uses 24 frames per second so a one minute piece would use 1440 individual pictures. There are lots of variables such as how often you take the picture, one every second, six seconds a minute ,it all depends on the final effect your after. So, after a lot of trial and error one finds the right balance of time, shutter frequency and frame rate. I’ve already incorporated the technique into a client’s web show, Third Eye Management, so it’s something I’m familiar with, however, while staying with clients in Manchester Mass I decided to try experimenting with my fish eye lens and some graduated filters. Here’s what I got…

Soft Color For The Boys Too

It’s just great shooting here in New England… lots of texture in the landscapes… stone walls, grass and beaches with lots of rocks and seaweed ,we feel like kids in a candy store! Here’s a shot where we softened the color of young Connor. The look works for boys too!

Shooting Video on The Canon 5D

I’ve been in love with photography since I was thirteen years old. In fact, I take pictures all the time, I always have…it’s become an extension of who I am. I have also had a love of film and movies, but always felt that the skills needed to produce something were beyond what I was interested in. Films are more about a collaboration between creative souls than they are about an individual’s visual creation. Now, however the lines between a photographer, a filmmaker and a videographer have become blurred. We are all becoming image producers, working in many different formats and equipment to realize a vision.

Recently Canon came out with a camera that has changed the way photographers and filmmakers work. The Canon 5D. It not only shoots stunning still images but also full frame HD video. When this camera is used to produce video, with the glorious Canon “L” series lens’, it reveals footage that is very cinematic in it’s look and feel. A few months ago I went down to the Naples Pier to “play” with the Canon 5D and experiment with the filming techniques that I personally have enjoyed in the movies. The piece is “Pier Review” and is really a brief glimpse into life and personalities on Naples Pier.

Helicopter Ride

Jan and I have been staying on our clients estate in Manchester Mass. We’ve been photographing their family for years and have had a wonderful time reconnecting with our friends and the area in general. While at dinner one night we were asked if we had ever flown in a helicopter. The answer was no, but would love to. There was only one request, we photograph the estate we were staying at and also one of their friends homes that was in the middle of construction. It was a no brainer, we couldn’t wait! The next morning the helicopter landed on the front lawn and off we went. Here’s a short web show of the flight!

Back into the Hand Colored look

Twenty years ago Jan and I started working together. Jan had already been hand coloring her beautiful portraits for a few years, so when we got together she had to bring me up to speed with the technique. It was the subtle application of actual oil paints directly to the print that gave the pictures a truly unique and beautiful look. We still work with the media for a few of our select clients, but we like to think we can capture a look that “feels” like hand coloring with some computer work…of course there’s nothing like the real thing. Here’s a recent portrait we created while shooting in New England

Old Style Portraits

We’ve been working in New England over the past couple of weeks. It’s been wonderful seeing some of our clients and catching up with the news. One thing that’s different in this area than in Naples, is that we have a reputation here for shooting classic black and white portraits. Here’s a portatrait of Grace. We’ve been photographing her and her brothers for the past twelve years: