month: October 2010

Gorgeous Portrait

OK maybe I’m biased, but I was going through some of our files looking at the work and came across a picture Jan took a couple of years ago. Personally I think it’s a stunning portrait…one that just draws you in. Asking the unlimate question…”what on earth is that child doing in a laundry bag!”

Nuviva TV Commercial

We started working with Nuviva Medical Weight Loss about six months ago. We were asked to go to each of their offices and shoot “after” photographs of their clients. We suggested that as we were doing the photography we should also get some video testimonials. Alex Joseph, the President, thought this was a good idea. We had great fun photographing lots of really nice people and videotaping their stories over two days and it was a good time had by all… but more importantly, it was in the bag!

Well, since the initial shooting their business has taken off. They are expanding, selling franchises and now have a need for material for a TV commercial. It paid off taking the video testimonials, we were able to create a TV slot for them that ran through the show The Biggest Loser and the reaction has been phenomenal!

Our Favorite Commercial and Travel Images!

We’ve been so lucky over the years to have worked with so many fantastic personalities. It’s always been fun for us to take on different work projects as we feel that keeps us on our toes creatively, plus we get to meet lots of different people in ever changing environments! Here’s a web show of some of our favorite commercial/travel and portrait images.