month: January 2011

Russian Dancing Girl

Whilst shooting for Intrav Travel in the remote Kuril Islands just north of Japan, Jan and I and the group we were with had the pleasure of watching some traditional Russian folk dancing. One young girl was absolutely mesmerizing with her elegance and grace. After the performance we went backstage and grabbed this shot of her before she left. She was just as elegant as she sat quietly by a window for us.


We recently had the pleasure of photographing Luther on the beach in Naples. It was perfect light, soft and diffused allowing me to shoot with the lens wide open…I loved it!

Kodachrome R.I.P.

Last week marked the end of an era for “old Dog” photographers like me. We cut our teeth using film like FP4, HP5, TMax, Agfa 1000, Fuji Velvia and of course the granddaddy of them all for landscape photographers Kodachrome 64 and 25. A beautiful film with rich vibrant colors, especially reds, and very little grain.

The film was actually discontinued last year, but photographers stockpiled the last rolls produced and could still go to the only lab in the world still able to process famed color film, Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kan. The last rolls able to be processed had to have been there by noon, Dec. 30. After 75 years, all that will be left of Kodachrome is the Paul Simon song, and a state park named after it in Utah…. and tens of millions of images archived in slide trays and storerooms around the world.

This is one of the many many landscapes I captured with my trusty Contax RTS and 21mm Carl Zeiss lens. No computer manipulation back then, just a tripod, filters and timing!