month: March 2011

Kuril Islands

When we were shooting for Intrav Travel we were on Itarup Island, which is part of the Russian owned (somewhat disputed) Kuril Islands north of Japan, I was coming out of a room in the town’s community center and saw these two guys sitting there. The scene just caught my eye, probably because it was such a slice of life… well that and I couldn’t help wonder what the hell they were smiling at!

Necker Island Shoot

A couple of years ago we had the pleasure of spending a week photographing the flora and fauna on Sir Richard Branson’s private island, Necker. The photographs were to be used in a small publication that documented the wildlife on the island and was given to guests who stay there. Well, we’d been shooting all week and we just couldn’t get a decent shot of a humming bird. After days of failure we were walking back to the main house, hot and sweaty,all but giving up, and we stopped for a rest. I looked to my left and perched in a bush was a gorgeous humming bird. Fortunately I had my long lens on the camera with a tripod so I very slowly set up and took this shot.