month: April 2011

I had to share this wonderful inspiring commercial I came across on YouTube. If you ride motorcycles you’ll get a lump in your throat when the old guy opens the bike up!

Morning Light over Apalachicola Bay

We only had three nights and two days in this peaceful backwater. I managed to get up early one morning to catch the morning light over Apalachicola Bay. This is spiritual communion at it’s best…moments like this are the true riches life has to offer…and it’s free!

Photographer Richard Bickel

We were recently on Florida’s “Forgotten Coast” staying just outside Apalachicola, a sleepy artsy town that loves people and dogs. I always like to check out other photographers work, it’s often interesting and can often inspire you to want to try harder, revealing areas neglected in your own portfolio. Well, a guy named Richard Bickel is a photojournalist and has spent seventeen years living in that area and capturing the everyday working people and their environment. His book, “The Last Great Bay”, is wonderful. Lots of really powerful images that draw you in and force you to read the life etched across the faces of these everyday folks. I loved his work. Lots of wide angle shots, not easy to take when people are involved because you have to get physically very close to them. His website is:http://www.richardbickelphotography.com/