month: May 2011

FGCU Chooses the VideageTM

Florida Gulf Coast University has chosen the VideageTM from Soderquist Photography to convey it’s message of Sustainability.

Last Fall we were invited to shoot a series of “lifestyle” photographs for FGCU. This was a great introduction and we quickly formed a solid working relationship. We then sat down with their marketing department and discussed the best ways to get their message out about the importance of their Sustainability mission. We presented them with examples of our VideageTM shows and they loved the blending of video and dynamically moving stills. Our mission was to get the message across in less than two minutes, but in a way that would appeal to both students, potential students and their parents. I think we nailed it…and they were very happy with the results. We now have two more VideageTM shows to produce…more to come!

Grace Wanted a Model Portfolio

I guess it was inevitable that Grace would one day want a model portfolio. She is one of those subjects that the camera loves…and always has. She has a unique look, a sweet nature and simply makes pictures with every move. Her parents asked if we would shoot a series of pictures they could take to a model agency, so, we tried to show how diverse she can be from the sporty teenager, the natural beauty to the glamorous girl on her way to becoming a young woman. We had so many great shots we decided to create a short web show.

Compromising Your Privacy–Without Even Knowing It

Compromising Your Privacy–Without Even Knowing It:

Nearly a year ago, this New York Times article brought awareness to an issue that could be compromising the privacy–and safety–of you and your family. If you have a smart phone and enjoy taking pictures and sharing them via sites like Facebook and Twitter then read on to learn more about “geotagging” and how this feature inadvertently could put you at risk.

The cameras that are built into smartphones such as the Blackberry or iPhone contain GPS locator technology inside. This hardware automatically adds geolocation information to pictures when they are taken. The geotagging feature is already active on your smartphone, by default.

What does this mean? It means if you snap a picture from your smartphone of your newborn baby sleeping in his crib and upload it to your social media page, then you are displaying the exact location of your sleeping child–down to the exact location in your home where the picture was taken. While this is disturbing to say the very least, there are steps you can take to disable the geotagging feature on your smart phone.

Click here to learn more about geotagging–and to access step-by-step instructions for disabling this feature on your smartphone.

Tips for a great business headshot

We’ve been shooting a lot of head shots lately, so I thought I’d share a few tips to help people get the most out of a session…no matter who takes the photograph.

a) If you’re getting your hair cut, don’t do it the day before your session. Your hair will look more natural if you get it cut a several days in advance.

b) Get a good night’s sleep the day before your session, drink plenty of water, and avoid salty foods and alcohol. This helps reduce dark circles under your eyes.

c) Mid- to late-morning are ideal times to schedule your session–you’ll feel more energized and typically have fewer things on your mind.

d) If your session is late in the day or in the evening, take time to freshen up your appearance. Men should shave again to diminish the five-o’clock shadow. Makeup for women should be simple and not overdone.

e) Wear clothing that fits well–not too tight and not too loose. Bring clothes that are fresh and wrinkle-free.

f) Darker colors (blue, gray) and mid-tones look good on most people. Avoid strong patterns, bold stripes, clothing with checks or herringbones, logos, and plain white clothing. If possible, coordinate your clothing choices with the photographer before the session in order to select colors that will complement the environment or background. For studio portraits, I tend choose brown, gray, or white backgrounds since these work well with nearly any color clothing.

g) Long-sleeved clothing that creates a v-neckline (like a jacket with shirt underneath) looks flattering. Turtlenecks should be avoided.

h) Accessories such as neckties, scarves, and jewelry should be simple and not draw attention away from the face.

i) Unless you plan to update your headshot annually, stay away from trendy looks or anything that will appear dated in a few years.

Videage for Ave Maria University

We just finished a Videage for Ave Maria University. We were asked to do something a little different for them, they wanted us to capture not just the people, but also the emotion at their 2011 graduation ceremony. What they didn’t want was a stream of photographs of individual students, they had their own photographers on hand for that.

VideageTM for Saks Fifth Ave

We recently photographed the Donna Karan Fall line for Saks Fifth Ave. What a privilege to be part of an event like this! The collection was stunning to say the least and the models personified grace and elegance in motion.

The event was part of a fund raiser for the Children’s Museum of Naples and was hosted by Scott and Simone Lutgert at their beautiful home in Venetian Village here in Naples. We also produce  a VideageTM for Saks Fifth Ave. of the whole evening, capturing the people and the energy of what turned out to be a stunning night of fashion, food and great entertainment!

Here’s the article in the Naples Daily News: http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2011/apr/22/models-walk-water-cmon-fundraiser/

The Giant’s Causway

A couple of years ago we were shooting the Scottish Isles to Iceland adventure tour for Clipper Cruise lines. We met the ship in Northern Ireland. The coastline of north Antrim is renowned for it scenic beauty and the Giant’s Causeway is its unique jewel in the crown. A jagged promontory of neatly packed columns of hexagonal basalt rocks created some 6 million years ago by a flow of basaltic lava. As the lava cooled it formed these distinctive hexagonal shapes just as the bottom of a dried riverbed would crack into shapes.

I would have loved the opportunity to spend time waiting for the right light and weather condition, but alas this was a paying gig for Clipper and we only had a few hours in the area. I would love to go back to Ireland… maybe one day!