month: August 2011

A Quick Walk On The Pier

Time lapse photography is usually done on a tripod or, more recently, a motorized rig. I thought it would be fun to try it on the fly while taking a quick walk down the Naples pier!

The Videage Lite

This is an example of the Videage Lite. Some of our clients have told us they love the full Videage, where we shoot video and stills and fuse them together to create a uniquely hand crafted production, but sometimes something that would be less of a production would be fine too, especially for clients who want multiple shows to hit the social media sites. We’re still blend video and stills together, but with more automation we’re able to keep the costs down…win win, I love it!

Morgan Li Photo Shoot

So we get a call late Tuesday afternoon. “can you help us with some promotional pictures of a rock star” Jan thought it was a hoax at first, mainly because the caller, Toni, had a very strong Swiss accent and it was very late in the day! It turned out he wasn’t joking, they were over at Orange Glow Recording Studios finishing up some mixes of Morgan Li‘s new song. They had recently hired a photographer to shoot some promotional material, but it didn’t turn out they way they had hoped… so now they were down to the wire. We had to shoot a number of outfits in the studio and on location all the following morning. We called make up diva Dani Taverna of Duality Artistry and she shifted some things around in her schedule and stepped up to the plate. Morgan was a dream to work with. He took direction, knew how to move and we nailed it! Huge team effort by everyone…I love my job!

Beach Photography

So often beach photography can be a challenge. Apart from the salt and the sand being the absolute worst environment for your camera equipment (OK, I know, salt water is even worse!) bright sunlight can also be tough to work with when trying to create a beautiful portrait that is full of atmosphere. You’re often forced to use flash to balance out the harsh lighting, and that’s OK if you want to do fun colorful work or fashion, but if you want soft, gentle lighting  you often just have to wait for the right moment. We had one of those moments when we photographed Danielle. The light was perfect, Danielle was great and I think we ended up with something that looked different, but still a wonderful moment in time that captured Danielle’s spirit!