month: September 2011

FGCU Now Has Three Videage Shows!

We are thrilled that Florida Gulf Coast University is using three of our Videage shows on it’s home page. We’ve been working on the project for a while now and to see the work online on FGCU’s website is a real thrill. Ken Schexnayder, Assistant Vice President for Community Relations and Marketing at FGCU, said “I wanted something different to get our message across, and the Videage did that for us. The subtle blend of stills and video gives a new and fresh look…perfect for a young and rapidly growing university”

We put together a compilation of all three shows so we could share on this blog.

Morgan Li Photo Session Videage Lite

We had the pleasure of photographing rising star Morgan Li recently during his recent visit to Florida. During the shoot he let us listen his song “Can Anybody Tell” I thought it would be cool to share the song with the best shots of the day!

Time On Naples Pier

This was an experiment with time lapse photography and slow mo video. I was playing around with both the Canon 5D and the 7D to find out their strengths and weakness’ Love the 5D for time lapse because of it’s full frame sensor and low light sensitivity. The 7D does great slow motion video.

The Nowhere Band

We recently had the pleasure of working with a great bunch of guys at the Orange Glow Studios in Bonita Springs here in Florida. They have a Beatles Tribute band called The Nowhere Band and they are quite simply, amazing. Their harmonies and their dedication to every detail and Beatles nuance blew me away. If you ever get a chance to see them don’t hesitate. We saw them at the Stage in Bonita Springs. They did three sets, with costume change, and took us all on a Beatles musical journey! Great stuff…highly recommended.