month: December 2011

Landscape Photographs Published in Portfolio Magazine

As a multimedia producer, photographer and lover of all things visual, it’s important for me to be as well rounded as possible in the visual arts.  However, no matter how hard you try to be accomplished there will always be certain genres that ring more true than others. As much as I love film and video, photography is a deep and long-felt passion of mine, so I was thrilled to have a substantial spread of my work published in the December issue of Portfolio magazine. If you get a chance you can check it out…pages 17-27 plus the cover and back page.

Flava a Wonderful New Restaurant in Naples


I just went to a luncheon hosted by Dede Sweet, owner of Sweet Art Gallery, at a new restaurant called Flava, due to open full time on the 27th Dec. It’s been a while since I put food in my mouth at a restaurant in Naples and said “wow! that’s really good” We had a nice beet/arugula and goat cheese salad to start, which was simple, elegant but still very tasty . The main course was a grilled Salmon Mediterranean which was just wonderful, light, but still very flavorful, perfect for lunch on a sunny day in Naples. The restaurant is tucked away on 7th street, and is elegantly decorated with art supplied by Sweet Art Gallery artists. It has European style outside seating to compliment the restaurant. Manager Veronika and owners Petr and Eva were delightful…we wish them lots of luck…and we will be back!

What’s a Good Camera To Buy?

This time of the year I often get asked “what’s a good camera to buy” and that’s a tough question, like, “what’s a good car to buy” It really comes down to what do you want it to do and where and when will you use it.

There are great point and shoot cameras that can slip into your pocket, like Canon S95 of Nikon Coolpix P300, or you can go for something different like the totally cool, retro looking, Fujifilm FinePix X100 which looks like a Leica from the fifties, but is fully digital. There are mid sized cameras that are small but still feel good in the hand and offer a level of control should you wish to actually “learn” something about the photographic process. This is the area I like the most for convenient, go anywhere, always have on hand, kind of camera. Of course I’m swayed by the fact that these cameras tend to have full manual override, which is nice for a photographer, but they also have the ability to be great “point and shoot” cameras. Of these, my favorite, so far, is the Canon G12. A beautifully made camera that feels good in the hand and takes really really good photographs, plus HD video. One feature I love is the articulated screen that folds out allowing you to hold the camera high above your head or low to the ground, and still be able to see the viewfinder. For a full review check out this site DP Review.

The Power of the VideageTM

The power of the Videage.

We were asked to shoot a series of powerful portraits and also create a video message that the Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Community Clinic could use to help raise funds and awareness of their mission to help the medically uninsured. The client ended up with a series of still images of staff, clients and the premises, plus a powerful Videage that has already helped them raise more money and awareness than ever before.