month: July 2012

Back To Beethoven Concert

We were asked by Ave Maria University to take some photographs, and a little video, of a fundraising concert to benefit the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. The idea was to simply get some material that may, or may not, be used in the future. So, it was a little difficult for us to know exactly what to shoot as we didn’t have a clear idea in what context the material was going to be used. Well, three months after the concert I get a call from AMU’s marketing and communications director telling me to go ahead and create a VideageĀ® from the material! I have to admit it was a real challenge, but I think, considering the lack of initial direction, it came out pretty well. let me know what you think:

Back To Beethoven Concert from Gareth Rockliffe on Vimeo.

Spending Time Near Mono Lake CA

We’ve been invited out to shoot a wedding in Bridgeport CA, a very small town just North of Mono Lake. We arrived three days before the wedding so we could be nicely relaxed and ready for the big day. This morning Jan and I got up before dawn and drove out to Mono Lake. It’s an inland salt water lake that was the backdrop for Clint Eastwood’s film “High Plains Drifter”. Another thing the lake is famous for are the calcium carbonate towers, called “Tufa” towers, that seem to spring up out of the water (actually it’s the lower water level that has revealed them) I would love to be there when a storm comes through…alas I only had one morning to get to shoot anything, but I was happy with what I managed to capture. Here’s a shot of some of the amazing Tufa towers.