month: August 2012

Large Format Landscapes

I just finished a collaborative piece with multi talented artist, Chad Herd. “Go Big or Go Home” he said and offered to create a custom steel frame for the piece if I went for it. So I printed onto canvass, stretched it onto a wooden bar 40″x60″ and gave it to Chad. What he did blew me away, so now it needs a home, or an office. I’m offering a 10% finders fee to whoever gets me a sale. This is a one off piece! Call me for pricing.

Virginia B. Andes Community Clinic Videàge®

A few months ago we created a Videàge® for the Virginia B. Andes Community Clinic in Punta Gorda. They desperately needed something to help raise both awareness and funds. I just got a call from their director…they had their best year fundraising thanks to the Videàge®…now that makes us feel good!

Virginia B. Andes Community Clinic from Gareth Rockliffe on Vimeo.

Incorporating Natural Elements In A Portrait

Wow! working back in New England, shooting portraits, has been so rewarding. For one thing the weather has been outrageously good, 80 degrees low humidity and sunshine…and it’s been that way for the past three weeks! One thing we’ve tried to do with each of our portrait sessions is include the local environment in the image. This picture of Nick standing on the rocks demonstrates how drama has been added by including the moving ocean as he stands on the rocks by his home in Manchester Massachusetts. I love the texture of the rocks and the simple act of wetting Nick’s hair added that extra element that made the whole scene work.

New England Shoots

We’re working, and playing, in New England at the moment. This is the area we started our business in, nearly twenty five years ago and we still have clients here who ask us to photograph their family. One family in particular have been using our services for over twenty years…they have five children. Last week we were asked to photograph Grace. We wanted to do something a little different from what we had done in the past….this was what we created:

Thoughts on Cover Page, A Self Publishing App Creator

I’ve been working with a brilliant self-publishing tool called CoverPage that allows you to create your own native Apps, create stunning Single Editions Apps or publish directly to Apple Newsstand. For me this is the most exciting thing I’ve come across for a very long time and extends the creative/marketing possibilities for me more than anything since my website. I love the product so much i gave a video testimonial that is on their website: