month: June 2016

A Cinemagraph for a Client

A Cinemagraph is a high quality animated giff. There have been some great one’s created over the years and we’ve been playing with them for years. However, now that fast connection speeds have become the norm, these very interesting components have become more popular. Now it’s easy to have great quality Cinemagraphs on your website. It’s a fun way to add an element that tells a story more than just a portrait. We just finished creating one for a tremendous artist, Chad Herd. He’s what I would call “an artistic servant” because his creativity is expressed in many mediums, from jewelry, cabinetry, construction to music and song writing…he’s pretty much a modern day renaissance man, because he’s interested in just about everything!

We had talked about the shoot conceptually for years, but circumstances never seemed right, then they were and we both grabbed the opportunity. The shoot itself happened outside in the rain using two strobes…a main light and a fill. The sparks from the grinder added all the drama we needed. Because we knew what we wanted and how we wanted it to look, everything went smoothly and the final piece was on Chad’s website before the end of the week! Check out his websiteChad-Giff-5