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A Cinemagraph for a Client

A Cinemagraph is a high quality animated giff. There have been some great one’s created over the years and we’ve been playing with them for years. However, now that fast connection speeds have become the norm, these very interesting components have become more popular. Now it’s easy to have great quality Cinemagraphs on your website. It’s a fun way to add an element that tells a story more than just a portrait. We just finished creating one for a tremendous artist, Chad Herd. He’s what I would call “an artistic servant” because his creativity is expressed in many mediums, from jewelry, cabinetry, construction to music and song writing…he’s pretty much a modern day renaissance man, because he’s interested in just about everything!

We had talked about the shoot conceptually for years, but circumstances never seemed right, then they were and we both grabbed the opportunity. The shoot itself happened outside in the rain using two strobes…a main light and a fill. The sparks from the grinder added all the drama we needed. Because we knew what we wanted and how we wanted it to look, everything went smoothly and the final piece was on Chad’s website before the end of the week! Check out his websiteChad-Giff-5


Photo Guru Skip Cohen Interviews Me For Photodex!

This is cool…I’m so happy to announce that photo guru Skip Cohen interviewed me for the Skip Cohen University and Photodex Corporation. I talk about the importance of self assignments. Check it out here: http://www.skipcohenuniversity.com/proshow-annex/building-your-business-with-gareth-rockliffe

Six Years Of Producing Vidéage® Productions!

Over the past six years we’ve created over sixty Vidéage® productions for our clients. During that time I really feel we’ve established a look and a feel that is uniquely ours. It’s the perfect product for those clients wanting to take advantage of the impact the blending of stills and video can produce. This is a Vidéage® we made for Saks Fifth Avenue​ a couple of years ago, it was so much fun!


Saks Fifth Ave Fashion Vidéage® from Gareth Rockliffe on Vimeo.


2015 Naples Winter Wine Festival Vintner Dinner

Last weekend was a crazy time in Naples. It was the three day extravaganza called the 2015 Naples Winter Wine Festival! The best food and wine from America and the world end up being shared and enjoyed by the participants of this amazing charity affair. Each year we have had the pleasure of photographing one of the vintner dinners and we absolutely love to shoot this kind of event! It draws on all of the photographer’s skills, because there are mixed lighting situations, confined spaces, service people, guests all mashed together and photographer has to capture all the elements of the evening while being as discreet as possible. This is the Videàge we created from that amazing evening:

First Prize In The Ultimate Story Contest

Wow, I’m thrilled to share with you that we won first prize in the Photodex Ultimate Story competition for our work with Florida Gulf Coast Universtity. Here’s the article and this was the Videàge® that won:

Radio Interview for the Great American Coastline project

I was recently interviewed by the G Team radio team Karl Gibbons and Carl Gould. They were curious about our use of Kickstarter to help fund our Great American Coastline project that we’re starting this year. Here’s the interview. I come in around 11 minutes in:

Florida Dental Association

Last week we had the privilege to photograph and video tape the Florida Dental Association’s Mission Of Mercy in Tampa Florida. Over sixteen hundred underserved people were given dental care by over four hundred dental professionals and eleven hundred volunteers, It was a very heart warming experience and we feel proud to have been a part of this amazing project.

FDA Mission Of Mercy 2014 from Gareth Rockliffe on Vimeo.

A Videàge® of a 1973 Triumph TR6

I just had a wonderful gig. I was asked to create a short Videàge®  of a 1973 Triumph TR6 a classic British roadster. It had just been restored and the owner was very proud of his hard work. As much as it was important to capture the beauty of the car it was also just as important to capture the sound of that beautiful in line six cylinder engine.



I had the pleasure of flying up to Nashville for a few days to photograph a teambuilding exercise for one of my clients. They had arranged for a small group of songwriters to work with five teams of ten. The idea was each team had two hours to write a song about their job or their company. It was a lot of fun watching the process, from a team building perspective and also the songwriting perspective. It was a great experience. This is my favorite shot of singer songwriter Amanda Williams.


Videàge® For Twin Eagles Golf Resort

We were hired by Twin Eagles to produce a short Videàge® that highlights what this gorgeous golf resort offers with classic country club lifestyle and the ultimate golf experience. Designed by Jack Nicklaus and his son, the Talon Course is widely regarded as the top residential golf course in Southwest Florida and has hosted the ACE Group Classic for five years.The recently completed Eagle Course has been named “Best New U.S. Private Course of the Year” by Golf Magazine.

TwinEagles is a beautiful Southwest Florida gem, where towering oaks, palm trees and lush landscaping create the perfect setting for the classic country club lifestyle, it was such a privilege to work in such a gorgeous environment!

Just Finished Our Sixth Videàge® For Florida Gulf Coast University

We just finished our sixth Videàge® production for Florida Gulf Coast University. This one highlights the Marine Sciences, Vester Field Station. We spent a couple of days shooting stills and getting video testimonials. For those of you who may not know what a Videàge® is, it’s our way of blending dynamically moving stills with video to create something that looks just a little different!

FGCU Vester Field Station from Gareth Rockliffe on Vimeo.

Unity Of Fort Myers – Videàge®

Unity Of Fort Myers asked us to produce a simple Videàge® that would convey their message to potential members. It was a great community set on lovely grounds and the Reverend Jim Rosemergy was a delight to work with.